Monday, 22 August 2011

A holiday by the sea!

Sammy and I have recently returned from a very restful, 
very enjoyable, 
very refreshing holiday by the sea. 

Including many giggles to say the least!

10 inspirational moments from a holiday by the sea!

1-    Beach huts! I adore beach huts, I would just love to own one, as a studio! And it would have to be painted in a duck egg blue colour, with cream stripes I think!

2-    Seagulls! I don’t know about anyone else, but I find seagulls very entertaining. They are somewhat comical, with a huge Attitude! I followed one in particular around with a camera, he did not seem impressed.

3-    Collecting extra smooth pebbles! There is something very satisfying about finding really smooth, rounded pebbles, always trying to find one smoother than the last.

4-    Walking along the promenade! Taking a walk on a summers evening beside the beach is pretty perfect I think. Its strangely quiet compared to the daytime beach, and seems to go on and on forever.

5-    Paddling! It doesn’t seem to matter how many years old you are, you still can enjoy the child like memories of paddling.

6-    Breakwaters! I would love to have my house kitted out with furniture made from breakwaters! There is such a great quality to that battered wood, that just adds such character and charm.

7-    The sky! The sky beside the edge of the water is rarely broken by any obstructions. It is full top to bottom of a forever-changing palette of colour. And can often look its best in winter.

8-    Picnics on the beach! Why is eating sandwiches out of a Tupperware container so appealing when on the beach? Even when you have to persevere under the keen and watchful eye of the gulls!

9-    The sound of the waves! You can never feel stressed or wound up when at the seaside, as the noise of the waves is so very restful. That backwards and forward crash, and whoosh, sends me into absolute calm.

10-  Going barefoot! Just getting those shoes off whether it be on sand, pebbles or for a paddle, is always a great feeling indeed.

The sound of the waves
Harbour views

A beach inspired handmade print from the InkyRose collection

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