Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A bit of time to heal

Needing to take a few months out while my latest surgery heals.

Unfortunately over the last year I have been suffering 
with a lot of pain to my right hand, (now its 2nd op in a year,)

and yep, its my illustrating hand!!

After a pretty intensive operation last month, involving some 
reconstruction, bone grafting and stapling, "eek,"
this should sort my unstable bones in my wrist and hand
once and for all.
fingers crossed ehh? Well maybe not : )

Anyway, the ideas are still flowing, just more mentally than with a pencil, 
but I am starting to get some sketches down with my left hand!
       (I can't possible not draw in all this time!)

I know that I just need to be very patient, (easier said than done,)
but hopefully after some "aggressive physio," (so they call it,) 
things will be back to normal in time, and most importantly, finally pain free!

So bear with, and watch this space x

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