Thursday, 26 April 2012

Rain, rain, rain!

Well what can I say apart from,




A page from "Gilbert the Gander," published by Nord-Sud Books

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Feeling good after Book Fair visit

Just a quick blog this time, 

but a smiley one!

I went to London Book Fair yesterday 
and came away very happy with how it all went. 

I was lucky to have some pre booked meetings that were very worthwhile, 
and it was lovely to actually speak to the people concerned 
rather than just being at the end of an email or a tweet with them for a change. 

I also know that today, my agent, Frances McKay 
is there on my behalf and also to represent the rest of FM Illustration, 
and so fingers tightly crossed for us all, and a big thanks to Frances. 

Although Gilbert Goose wasn't at this event, 
(as he is now out in the big wide world of bookshops,) 

I was able to see the samples of a new project that I am working on with 
Little Tiger Press. 

I am so excited with how things are coming along here, 
and the samples are beautiful, 
and due for release beginning of next year. 

So today and the rest of this week, it is back at my desk, 
working hard on the next set of roughs,

and with many cups of tea to keep me going! 

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Easter!

This is Mother Hen,

and today

is a very

important day for her!

These illustrations inspired the character for my book 

"Mother Hen's Important Day"

Out later this year, Published by Nord-Sud Books.

from myself, Sammy and now Mother Hen!