Friday, 10 October 2014

Licensing Fair, Olympia

Well I have just returned from this years BLE2014 event at Olympia, 
the brand Licensing Show. 

I was really lucky to be exhibited in the Illustrators Pavilion, represented by The AOI, 
Association of Illustrators, and alongside such talented, lovely artists. 

It was a great show, and I have made some very exciting contacts, 
some of which I really hope amount to some very fantastic looking projects, 
(one of which has already followed up with a keen email!)

There were also some other rather exciting perks to being there too! 
How could you not get a pic with these guys! 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Great British Baking!

Just enjoying all things baking at the mo, 

There are some fun shapes and colours in the kitchen. 

Ive particularly enjoyed working on these herbs, 

And it goes without saying that I will be glued to this years 

Great British Bake Off : )

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Very Special Retirement Commission, and its process from start to completion.

I am now able to reveal the project that I have been working on over the last month : )

I was delighted when our Primary school Headmaster, Mr Bob White asked if I would be interested in working on a commission for him, as his very special Retirement gift to the school after his 24 years there. 

To be honest, I didn't have to think hard before answering, with a big "Yes." I felt very honoured to be asked indeed. I have known Bob for over 8 years, as both my daughters have been at his school, my youngest is still there. I am also extremely lucky to be working in the same school, running Art Clubs, so Ive been fortunate to get to know Bob fairly well, and see his relationship with the school, the children and the community of Lindfield. 

So my initial task was to come up with something that I could present as a rough to him, a general feel for a painting. His main requirements were that the artwork should be for the children, to say thank you, and to represent all the areas of the school that were particularly important to him. This included the yr 6 trip to the Isle of Wight, the drama production, his favourite book to read to the pupils, and his great love of football and cricket. It was also very important to him to represent the village and the community as a whole.

Being part of that community myself I already had a warm feel and great fondness for the place, and also asked children (without giving the secret away,) for some words that they felt summed up Mr White. 

"Happy, Supportive, Kind, Leader, Wise," were a few!

So a couple of ideas that I had, (shown below,) one being the circle format, of an on-going community, an on-going role, and the village common and pond as a very central point with the school logo of the swan.  

The other idea was more about the focus of the pupils and their achievements and personalities. 

In the end, Bob felt that capturing the school AND the community was the look he wanted to go with, and so the work began!

We decide that the piece needed to create an impact, and therefore it needed to be a substantial size, as it will probably be displayed in the new school entrance once he leaves. 

The rough was then worked into a neat design, almost mathematically planning out how each area balanced out the next. Eventually the rough was approved, a once a big smile appeared on his face, I knew that we were there! So the next step was to scanned the work in, and then enlarge it. It then needed to be printed out onto 6 sheets of A4, which were very carefully jigsawed together. The challenge was to then convert the image via a light-box onto the extra heavyweight watercolour board, ready for the final piece of Artwork to begin!

It was exciting day by day seeing the artwork gradually come to life, as each detail was added in. I wanted to keep the style fresh and playful, as the focus was on the children and about a celebration of his time there, rather than a goodbye. 

And then after many hours, it was finally complete!

I work with a very good framing company, who I knew would produce me a bespoke frame to display the work in, and I think this really set it off well, and gives it the right feel to work well in the new part of the school building. 

Once again, many thanks to Bob for asking me to work on something so important to him, it was a real pleasure. 

And so all there is left to say now, is Farewell and the very best of luck Mr White. 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Cat and Spider

Meet Henrietta. 
(A new character in the making.)

"The line led her into the living room,

where Henrietta followed it

Up and over the chair,

(the already rather worn out chair!")

In and out of the drawers filled with odd socks!

All around the biscuit jar . . . .

. . . . "Hello!"

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A new little guy

Heres some images of a new little guy 
that I have been working on for a Publisher. 

I have really enjoyed creating him. 

It took many attempts to get him just right,

and often what appear the most simplist of characters, 
often involve the most work to get the minimal lines actually to work. 

He has a name, but I guess at the mo that is not my place to say. 

I just SO hope after many many hours of work, 
and also falling for this new little guy, 
(thats a key sign when you think in yourself that you have got it right,)
that the Publishers decide to take my designs on, 
(but I know there are many others Illustrators in the running too!)

The very best of luck in your meetings Little Guy, 
and do me proud at Bologna in a few weeks too. . . 

. . . please x 

Friday, 14 February 2014

Some Valentines LOVE : )

Spread a little love today, 

Let someone know you care,

x x x

Happy Valentines day.

Illustrations taken from my gift books with Little Tiger Press, 
and now in their second year of publication, with new cover designs. 

Saturday, 4 January 2014

70 Dogs!

Here is a piece of Art that I did for my Dad's 70th!

In total, there are 


70 dogs! 

Happy Birthday Dad