Monday, 18 February 2013

Mama Hen's Big Day

I am delighted to announce that my 2nd picture book, and my first written book, 

"Mama Hen's Big Day"

is now out on sale in the U.S. and in a variety of Countries throughout Europe. 

Meet Mama Hen! 

This story came about whilst on a dog walk a number of years ago. I had been sketching chickens for a commission that day, and whilst on the walk, ideas just started to flow, and I tried to put myself into the mind of a Mother hen! When back home with a cuppa in hand, I started doodling on the first stages of what later became Mama Hen. She just looked so proud and important, that she looked like she should be on an important mission, and hence her story begun. Being a Mum of two daughters myself, I could imagine Mama Hens urge to find the safest place to lay her most precious egg. 

I wanted the young reader to spot the dangers that Mama Hen occurs, - a bit of a "its behind you," moment - before she is actually aware herself, and to be fair, Mama Hen is so preoccupied, she is really quite oblivious to all around her! 

At latest Mama Hen finds what she feels is the prefect place to lay her egg, 
but is it? 

Mama Hens first page, "This is Mama Hen," was selected as an entry 
into last years Images 36 exhibition with the AOI. 

With big thanks to Frances McKay (my agent,) and to Nord-Sud, in particular Katja Alves who, as with "Gilbert the Goose," kindly guided me and supported me through the book as I went, and also made it possible for Mama Hen to be brought to life!

Also thanks to my recent contact Heather Lennon, at North South Books, for her enthusiasm towards Mama Hen, and in her recent facebook posts about the release of my book. I gather that in the U.S. North South Books also intend to give Mama Hen a Mothers Day promotion too : )

Hey and look whose part of Book Page! Hello again Mama Hen

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

To my Valentine

To my Valentine, 

my love for you 

is forever.

"I love you." 

I Love you is one of the titles from the set of 6 gift books 
that I illustrated for little Tiger Press, and out now to buy. 

Thursday, 7 February 2013