Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bunting and Strawberries

Wishing you very happy . . . 

. . . good old British. . . 

. . . Jubilee celebrations.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Time to enjoy the outside

Yeah, the sun has arrived!!

 And with that brings the want to be outside more, 
and in my case, in my garden with my paint brush and pens.

The lavender plant, such a classic, but one of my absolute favs,

and I have really enjoyed working on these images of herbs too. 

"Thyme" for more artwork in the garden now I think on such a sunny day,

groan, an awful joke I know : )

Just spotted the first rose of the year in my garden,
Its a David Austin standard, named Graham Thomas, 


Monday, 14 May 2012

Arts Festival

"Lindfield Arts Festival" weekend

My display,

Hey, I was awarded a Highly Commended award! 

Working next to my exhibit was a great idea, 
it created lots of interest and I received some lovely comments from people.

I also ran a workshop for 22 children on the Sunday, 
inspired by my "Inky Stick" method!

Here are some of the fantastic results. 

No pens, no brushes, just sticks
which were collected from the woods on a muddy walk the weekend before!! 

Check out more info on the Arts Festival official website

Friday, 4 May 2012

Productive chaos!

Productive chaos!

Its a very good thing, 

however these last few weeks I have been very busy in deed. 

Meeting tight deadlines and working on new roughs and completing the approved finals 
for my next book with Little Tiger Press. 

(See my latest diary page on my website for the first sneaky peek!)

And also this week I have been approached to work on two new projects which is just great,  

but I need to produce samples for these during the next few weeks too,

and next week its the Arts Festival that our village runs a weekend each year, 

and I am hosting an already sold out workshop, 

plus exhibiting some of my artwork, so its all go!

Therefore at the moment my house and workplace resembles an area of utter chaotic mess, 

however its all productive chaos, (I promise!)