Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Feeling a bit awkward?


Sometimes, Sammy feels a bit awkward, a bit like the odd one out at times.

He often feels like everyone else's food looks way more exciting than his own, 
more yummy and with much more variety and interest than his own diet.

"Meet Mavis, as she feels awkward at times too."

"Ever feel like everyone else is always going to more exciting places, 
or doing more exciting things, than you?"

"Or maybe that they just seem more cool and collected in life than you?!?!?"

"Poor Mavis!"

Monday, 22 August 2011

A holiday by the sea!

Sammy and I have recently returned from a very restful, 
very enjoyable, 
very refreshing holiday by the sea. 

Including many giggles to say the least!

10 inspirational moments from a holiday by the sea!

1-    Beach huts! I adore beach huts, I would just love to own one, as a studio! And it would have to be painted in a duck egg blue colour, with cream stripes I think!

2-    Seagulls! I don’t know about anyone else, but I find seagulls very entertaining. They are somewhat comical, with a huge Attitude! I followed one in particular around with a camera, he did not seem impressed.

3-    Collecting extra smooth pebbles! There is something very satisfying about finding really smooth, rounded pebbles, always trying to find one smoother than the last.

4-    Walking along the promenade! Taking a walk on a summers evening beside the beach is pretty perfect I think. Its strangely quiet compared to the daytime beach, and seems to go on and on forever.

5-    Paddling! It doesn’t seem to matter how many years old you are, you still can enjoy the child like memories of paddling.

6-    Breakwaters! I would love to have my house kitted out with furniture made from breakwaters! There is such a great quality to that battered wood, that just adds such character and charm.

7-    The sky! The sky beside the edge of the water is rarely broken by any obstructions. It is full top to bottom of a forever-changing palette of colour. And can often look its best in winter.

8-    Picnics on the beach! Why is eating sandwiches out of a Tupperware container so appealing when on the beach? Even when you have to persevere under the keen and watchful eye of the gulls!

9-    The sound of the waves! You can never feel stressed or wound up when at the seaside, as the noise of the waves is so very restful. That backwards and forward crash, and whoosh, sends me into absolute calm.

10-  Going barefoot! Just getting those shoes off whether it be on sand, pebbles or for a paddle, is always a great feeling indeed.

The sound of the waves
Harbour views

A beach inspired handmade print from the InkyRose collection

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Growing your Greens

Sammy and I have had much fun over the last few months, gradually growing our own greens.

We may not be all that excited by food some of the time, with our limitations and food let downs,

but . . .  when you sit down to a plate of your very own homegrown veg, then that is a great feeling indeed.

A proud and rewarding moment, that the whole family has enjoyed being part of, from the planting, the watering and now the eating!

Simple pleasures, 
but very worthwhile.  

 So far Runner beans have been our most successful

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A true friend for Sammy

A good friendship is very important to us all, we all know that, but at certain times we need them more than ever, or that extra special friend whom we can truly open out to, and feel utterly comfortable in doing so.

Sammy has lots of friends, he is very lucky indeed, but only a few of his friends truly understand him at times.

Sammy hates to feel a nuisance, or hates to make others feel awkward by his limited dietary needs, and occasionally this can happen, especially if he has gone to a friends home, or been taken out for a treat.

However in the comfort of a true friend, Sammy knows that he is never seen as being fussy, or difficult or a nuisance when it comes to his dietary needs, or his day to day ups and downs.

This summer holiday, Sammy was thrilled when he met a very special friend indeed, in Sid the snail. Sid and Sammy have really clicked, there is a great mutual understanding between them, and never a tut or a raised eyebrow, or a slight dig at Sammy in his more sensitive times!

Sid was very fortunate to be offered the most luxurious of snail houses indeed!!!! With an endless supply of lettuce, a cardboard bed, and even a games room, and paper television, and to top it off, a wooden toy snail friend, just for reassurance. A very intensely planned snail home for sure!

Unfortunately the reason Sid, was offered such a luxurious home, was the fact that he was found with a small crack in his shell, so a hotel and constant prodding was apparently vital for his speedy (hee hee,) recovery!

Sammy and Sid have found great comfort in each others stories, and adventures, and have spent the last few days in deep conversation over their ailments, and their “oddities,” as they describe them, giggling as they do!

I am delighted that already I am starting to meet some really great tweet buddies through this new venture. I’ve found some very relevant websites, and have some followers with a real relevance and understanding, and many that make me laugh too! Sammy and I are thrilled with the amount of viewings our blog has received in such a short space of time. So a huge thank you guys, and lets hope we keep expanding and meeting many more friends out there!