Monday, 4 November 2013

International releases with "Little Tiger Press" Gift Books!

Early last Spring saw the release of my set of 6 gift books with Little Tiger Press. 

"I Love You"
"To Mum, with Love"
"To a Wonderful Daughter"
"To Dad, You're a Star"
"New Baby, Congratulations"
"To a very Special Grandmother"

These charming little books, were written by Josephine Collins, and Illustrated by myself. 
They were a range that were a real delight to work on, 
and my task was to illustrate each beautiful sentence written by Jo, 
with characters that expressed the true meaning of the sentiment. 
Many characters were developed throughout the range, 
and with 114 pages to work on, the ideas most certainly got flowing. 

The books have a patterned, padded icon as their cover, 
and a very sweet book mark on a ribbon, giving them a real gift feel. 

However, since their release in the UK, I am so thrilled to hear 
that they have now been re printed in 7 other countries, 

and in the U.S, where they also have another version of the cover, 
which I am really pleased with, 
displaying some of the actual artwork within. 

These are a range that I was very proud to work on, 
and "To Mum with Love," even featured in The Sun newspaper 
earlier this year, believe it or not, as the ideal Mother's Day gift!!