Monday, 18 June 2012

A creative weekend

This weekend, could have been one of short fuses and ratty boredom, 
but in the end it turned out really well indeed! 

I am working on a project with pretty tight deadlines at the moment, 
and that means working over a weekend is often very helpful in pacing out my schedule.  

The above photo shows part of my work from over the weekend, 
work by Latter number 1, 
(Thats me! Or if you include my husband in this, I guess I'm really Latter number 2!)

This is actually an anniversary card for my parents
 but based on some characters similar to that of my current project for 
Little Tiger Press, 
(of which I will show you more of in a later blog, 
although for a sneaky peak, have a look at my website diary,) 

See both this month and May's page : ) 

I will now get back to my opening sentence, as to why potentially
 it could have been a weekend of short fuses!

Both of my daughters were off school with a nasty bug for some of last week,
and although bless them, my priority has been to look after them, and watch many Disney films with them, and give out much essential cuddle times too, towards the weekend when they were almost better but still just tired and a bit worse for wear, we were still stuck in the house, after the 5th day of 

Anyway, instead we ALL enjoyed a very pleasant weekend of craft, sewing, painting and designing!

Latter number 3's design work, and see below a lovely handmade wool flower, 

And here is Latter number 4 painting and below her fantastic bear 
that she stitched all by herself!

And lastly another project that I am working on, 
designing a Christmas range of cards for Wells Cathedral who have their own resident cat! 

These are part of a new selection that are becoming very popular, 
designing specifically for Cathedrals, with Heritage Arts Papers

other ranges can be seen here 

Monday, 11 June 2012

London Pigeons

The sun wasn't shining,

and the constant rain had made the ground even more dirty than usual,

but the Pigeons didn't seem to mind!

(well most of them anyway!)

In fact Bert very much enjoyed the weather in London that day, 

however Buster was a little more grumpy to say the least!

"Come on Buster," said Bert, "cheer up!"