Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A new little guy

Heres some images of a new little guy 
that I have been working on for a Publisher. 

I have really enjoyed creating him. 

It took many attempts to get him just right,

and often what appear the most simplist of characters, 
often involve the most work to get the minimal lines actually to work. 

He has a name, but I guess at the mo that is not my place to say. 

I just SO hope after many many hours of work, 
and also falling for this new little guy, 
(thats a key sign when you think in yourself that you have got it right,)
that the Publishers decide to take my designs on, 
(but I know there are many others Illustrators in the running too!)

The very best of luck in your meetings Little Guy, 
and do me proud at Bologna in a few weeks too. . . 

. . . please x