Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Feeling a bit awkward?


Sometimes, Sammy feels a bit awkward, a bit like the odd one out at times.

He often feels like everyone else's food looks way more exciting than his own, 
more yummy and with much more variety and interest than his own diet.

"Meet Mavis, as she feels awkward at times too."

"Ever feel like everyone else is always going to more exciting places, 
or doing more exciting things, than you?"

"Or maybe that they just seem more cool and collected in life than you?!?!?"

"Poor Mavis!"


  1. All the time. I've tried to learn over the years that people are basically the same. The person I'm envying for being beautiful and slim may be insecure and anorexic. The person I envy for their confidence; it may be false bravado hiding a lost lonely person. And I have to remember when reacting to other people that they're seeing the happy mask, and they don't know all the turmoil that happens behind it.

    I say I've tried to learn that. It's not easy to keep remembering it with all people all the time.

  2. That is a perfect comment, thank you