Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Which way shall I go?

Which way shall I go?

Often as we journey through life and our everyday activities, 
we come across options, and decisions all the time. 

Some as simple as, 
"Do I post this letter before or after work?" 
"Do I join the queue in the supermarket on the right or the left of the shop?" 
"Shall I walk or take the bus today?"
"Shall I wear trousers or a skirt today?"

Even these simple choices, can then effect our day. We may then bump into someone that we haven't seen in a while if we take a different route, or if we delay our journey by that extra 10 mins we may get stuck out in the rain for example, possibly then effecting the choice we then make when we get in at the end of the day, such as, 

"Do I cook home made casserole today, or the quick under the grill fish fingers option?" 

Other choices that we may make, will effect us and others around us in a much greater way. Perhaps regarding a decision at work, or an arrangement with a friend or an issue around money. 

It may be as small as 

"Do I buy that luxury item that I cant really afford, but that I have wanted for ages, 
or do I wait and save up for it?" 

Or a life changing decision as large as the next house you may buy, or the choice to marry or not?

Making a choice or a decision can seem pressured at times, or it can seem very exciting and out of the blue. From experience Id say go with your gut feeling, as its often then that even though it may not be the easiest route or the best choice at the time, is often the one that you know in your heart of hearts you are best going with. 

A page from my new book with Nord-Sud Books, "Mother Hens Important Day"

This blog isn't meant to be deep and meaningful, its not to offer advice or to seem wise, Its just that when looking through my portfolio of work, I fell upon this first image of the duck, and I thought . . . ,

If he turned right and walked through the village that way, 
his day may be very different from if he turned left and walked that way. 

Not necessarily any better or any worse, but just different. 
Different in view, different in timing, and different in his encounters.  

and on that note I am going to make the decision to have a cup of tea!

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  1. It's the parallel universe theory. Every decision is made somewhere. Personally I can't get my head round that theory so try not to think about it too much. I've had a lot of very hard decisions to make this year, and am fairly certain I've not made the right ones at some junctions. But ultimately I agree, going with your gut is usually right. The problem arises when your gut tells you nothing.

    I always try to make decisions that are good for everyone, not just myself. It really baffles me when people only ever think about themselves in decision making.