Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A is for . . . .

 is for . . . . 

new challenge, 
a new project, 
a new idea, 
a new burst of inspiration, 
a bit of fun,
a way of me practicing my character development,
and creating new friends for Sammy. . . . . 

 . . . . . and "A" is for a blog I hope you all enjoy!

"A" is for Arnold Aardvark.

Arnold is good friends with Sammy, he likes to sniff out delicious fruits for their tea.

"A" is for Angelica Angelfish.

Angelica is quite a shy fish, she enjoys swimming near the coral at the bottom of the ocean. Sammy has never met Angelica, but his new friend Amy, has told him all about her, and her beautiful bright coloured scales. 

Here's Amy, "Hello, Amy."

Amy is an Amoeba, she is so ickle and teeny that Sammy has never actually seen her, but he often sits and listens to her. He very much enjoys listening to all her stories and tales, and being a squirrel means that Sammy is VERY good at hearing, and this certainly has its uses!

This is Annabelle Alpaca. 

Annabelle's favourite way to pass the day is a day at the hairdressers. She loves to be pampered and preened, and today she is modelling some very fetching satin bows. Sammy is not keen on hairdressers, he HATES having his tail brushed! 

And finally meet Albert, Albert Alligator.

Albert is friends with most of the squirrel pack. The squirrels save up all their nut shells just for Albert as he enjoys crunching them in his teeth. He doesn't actually eat them, but he says it makes a great noise! Sammy, (being a squirrel that doesn't eat nuts,) saves Albert his apple core. Albert isn't all that keen on apples, but Sammy insists its a great way for him to clean his teeth!


  1. Jill, you are a genius.....LOVING these adorable charaters

  2. Jill, as always, just brilliant!

  3. Your drawings are incredible! Love them all. Particularly the squirrel party x

  4. A is for stupid.