Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Feeling a bit off colour?

From "Sam the Cat Burglar," By Frances Hope and Jill Latter

Feeling a bit off colour?

Feeling a bit down in the dumps?

From "Gilbert the Goose," by Frances Hope and Jill Latter for Nord Sued Books

Some days Sammy finds that it all gets a bit too much at times, 
everyones demanding many things of him, 
and nothing goes quite to plan. . . 
 . . . . and these are the days when the stress levels rise, 
the sugar levels go off balance, 
the tiredness kicks in, 
and then food limitations seem to be even more vital and strict to maintain, 
to help try and rebalance and restore the bodies natural calmness. 

Sammy is trying not to feel sorry for himself, 
but we all have days when we feel out of sorts, 
and days when we feel a bit off par! 

Im sure you will agree! 

: )

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