Thursday, 14 July 2011

Nuts, nuts nuts and even more nuts!

Sammy has been feeling pretty fed up today. Nuts everywhere! All the other squirrels are eating nuts, nuts nuts! Nuts on toast, nut biscuits, nut cakes, nuts on everything.

Like Sammy, I have reached my level of patience today. In need of a heavenly snack, I resorted to some brown bread and butter!!

Let me begin to introduce myself to you too. Sammy was created due to my frustration with my limited diet, my prob being absolutely no sugar of any kind. This also includes all fruits, white refined foods, alcohol, and hidden sugars in cereals etc. So when passing a cake shop, I have to bite my lip and walk very fast past. During the last 4 years I have been diagnosed with having Reactive Hypoglycaemia, which effects me everyday with varying levels of symptoms, and this can only be managed by diet and relaxation! My relaxation comes in the form of a good old cuppa!

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