Monday, 11 July 2011

Thoughtless service!

If Sammy were ever to eat a nut it would make him very poorly indeed!

Now at the weekend poor Sammy went out with a few squirrel friends for a small snack at a little cafe. He was really looking forward to a nice cup of tea and a chat with his friends, and knew that it was unlikely he would find anything tasty to accompany it, but that was fine, that was usual for Sammy. However when he got there he was thrilled to see some food at the back of the counter that he knew he would be able to eat, wow, this was a huge bonus he thought, how exciting! He politely asked about the food he has spied, (whilst peering longingly at his friends plates filled with nut cake, nut pies and sticky yummy chocolate nut ice cream.) But poor Sammy was abruptly told that it was not policy to serve the other food!!

Sammy had a nice time that day with his friends, but this thoughtless service did not help at all, and as always made Sammy just a little bit sad!!!!

P.S. Sammy's experiences are always very true!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Poor Sammy, some services can be so rude!

  2. My wife has a similar dietary issue and finds it awkward to ask when people can be so rude about specialist diet issues. They just don't seem to care or want to be bothered to do that little bit extra.